The Product

Our Technology

Innovation is one of our core principals at Strauss Energy. In a country with up to 10 months of sunshine, Strauss designs building materials that capture the sun’s rays and convert them into solar energy. Building Integrated Photovoltaics or BIPV in short, is a perfect solution to the energy conundrum currently bedeviling Kenya. The solar tiles work in such a way that they can produce power that can completely sustain a modern household without the need for a secondary power source.



Why Strauss 1963?

Businesses and households are heavily dependent on a safe and continuous energy supply at reasonable prices.

When the energy supply fails, it disrupts our everyday life. Kenya needs the energy industry to contribute to its economy as well as to its environmental and climate conservation. It is in this context that companies directly involved in the energy supply value chain and its stakeholders are required to make a variety of complex decisions.

Although the energy deficiency is substantial, Strauss Energy’s solution is clean, efficient and abundant as the sun is shines throughout the year in Kenya. Our solution is in line with the decarbonization of energy, and rightly so since public acceptance of fossil-fuel has declined.

Strauss 1963 Installation Process

Site Visit and Analysis

For BIPV panel installment, one has to register his/her home or building. The Strauss team will then visit the site and assess your energy requirements. This is measured against parameters such as the size of your roof and the climate conditions of your locality. This information is used to determine the size and capacity of the right installation for your domestic or commercial situation.

Delivery and Installation

Strauss BIPV tiles are manufactured locally in adherence to the highest international standards. This makes for timely delivery to your construction site / building. Installation is fast and efficient thanks to the simple modular design which is comparable to regular roofing tiles in terms of the ease and overall simplicity.

What You Stand To Save

30% Savings on monthly power
3X Solar energy generated without installing solar panels
30% Cost efficiency on initial roofing investment